PassTrac® Food Safety Analytics

Predictive modeling and prescriptive analytics set us apart

PassTrac Analytics has the only advanced analytics system built specifically for food safety.

We leverage powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to provide specific, real-time recommendations to reduce food safety risk.

Our unique, individualized approach delivers the most valuable insights in the industry:

Descriptive Analytics

Combines all your information from multiple data sources into one organized location and aggregates that data to build a real-time dashboard that can monitor current processes and examine past performance.

Diagnostic Analytics

Identifies potential correlations of multiple variables that impact performance outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Leverages AI that powers automation to accurately identify high-risk situations long before they happen and to proactively strengthen food safety systems to meaningfully identify risk.

Our patented technology evaluates your data in minutes, using thousands of models to create a ‘Super Model’ that most accurately predicts outcomes using your specific data.

PassTrac Analytics can accomplish this in minutes, compared to a programmer who would take six to 18 months to complete this project.

Prescriptive Analytics

Combines predictive modeling with food safety industry expertise to reveal the optimal actions to take to lower pathogen levels. No matter how complex the operation, our technology will identify critical areas and provide the insights you need to optimize.

In today’s highly competitive industry, PassTrac’s innovative solutions will provide the advanced insights you need to secure a sustained market advantage.

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